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Innovative, creative solutions for projects of any scale or discipline

All projects are produced on a bespoke basis with individual requirements in mind. We want our clients to experience a comprehensive service whilst working with us.

Our Work

We have an impressive portfolio of models, produced using the latest technologies alongside traditional methods



With samples agreed, we begin the project, providing updates throughout production



From CAD plans to CGIs, we gather the required information to produce a comprehensive quote



Delivered and installed by a member of the MAHERS team

Model Design

We specialise in creating high-quality, beautiful models to suit a wide variety of purposes. However, our interest is not solely in the fabrication. We approach projects as a full service, dealing with all aspects of design and production, delivery, and installations-including larger-scale and overseas

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3D Printing

Our services include 3D printing. Utilising this advanced technology allows us to produce finely detailed prototype models and parts with complex geometries which have previously been challenging to produce with traditional methods alone

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Laser Cutting

With laser cutters, we can achieve the sophisticated and accurate detail necessary for creating models for architects, product designers and marketing companies. We can also offer laser cutting as a stand-alone service for mass production or small personal projects

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CNC Machining

As well as regular use in the model fabrication process, our CNC machines produce highly engineered components with ultra-fine detail using cutters as small as 0.5mm

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